Capacity.  Our sweet spot for guests at Flower Farm is between 15 and 125. For larger weddings and events, we can suggest larger commercial facilities via our proud association with the Bitterroot Wedding Association.

Dates. Flower Farm is an outdoor venue and our season runs from mid-June to mid-October. Dates are available for reservation on a first come, first deposit, first served basis. Contact us today to check availability and obtain a custom proposal. Please note our recommendations about inclement weather, as Flower Farm is not responsible for rain, snow, wind, hail, cold, heat, dust storms or other acts of nature.

Event Hours.  Flower Farm differs from other venues in that we offer more generous access to the property, in an attempt to accommodate those with DIY budgets who are setting up and styling themselves. Except in rare occasions when separate Clients opt to "share" a weekend to split costs, we do not offer the property to multiple clients on a given weekend, to facilitate less rushed, pressured load-in, styling and load-out.

When  you book our venue, access to the property is granted at 10:00 a.m. the day before your event, and the property needs to be fully loaded out and cleaned up/restored to original condition by no later than 12:00 noon the day after your event. Wedding rehearsals will occur within this generous timeframe.

In consideration of Flower Farm's nearby property owners, we end amplified sound (live music and/or DJ's) at 11:45 p.m., and bid you and your guests a happy goodnight by midnight. 

No Clients or their third-party vendors are permitted on the property outside of stated Event Hours without prior notice and coordination with Flower Farm owners.

Deposits and Payments.

Venue.  To reserve a date at our Flower Farm venue, we require an upfront, nonrefundable deposit of $1000. The balance for your event is due 24 hours prior to your event, except for out-of-pocket incidentals, which will be invoiced after your event and are payable within ten days of invoice.

Onsite rentals and styling services.  Clients who book the Flower Farm venue receive a deep discount on our decor rentals. Upon firming your rental choices and accepting your written and discounted rental bid, a deposit of 50% of the bid is required.  The balance for your rentals is due 24 hours prior to your event. 

Offsite rentals and styling services.Upon firming your rental choices and accepting your written rental bid, a nonrefundable deposit of 50% of the bid is required.  The balance for your rentals is due 24 hours prior to your event. Styling services will be estimated at an hourly rate of $35, and will be payable 24 hours prior to your event. Delivery charges are in addition to rental charges, and will vary based on mileage and item sizes/weight. Please contact us for a custom quote on your rentals and deliveries. Delivery charges are due and payable 24 hours prior to your event.

Onsite flowers and arranging.  For starters, we happily move our numerous growing washtubs and blooming containers into your onsite event. For personal flowers, ceremony and reception flowers, on-premises Clients receive a 30% discount on our flowers per stem, and a 30% discount on our arranging services. The cost of any additional flowers required be ordered from wholesalers or third party florists (fillers, special requests, etc.) will be passed through to the Client at actual cost, no mark-up, and arranging services will still be discounted. Upon firming your flower choices and accepting your written flower bid, a deposit of 50% of the bid is required. The balance for your flowers is due 24 hours prior to your event.

Insurance.  We require event insurance for each booking at Flower Farm, premiums usually costing between $100-150, insuring both you and Flower Farm against any liability claims by guests or other third parties. These policies are easy to obtain locally or online. One week prior to your event, you will provide an Event Insurance policy in the amount of $1,000,000.00 listing Flower Farm Weddings & Events and Greg and Cindy Putnam personally as certificate holders for the full duration of your onsite presence. You should also include your own name(s) as insured parties. In addition, unless you will not have alcohol at your event, the policy must also contain Alcohol Coverage.

Alcohol.  We do not have a liquor license, meaning we cannot sell or serve alcohol at your event. Your options are:  1) hiring a professional bartender with the appropriate license to serve alcohol -- and also to collect money in the case of a "cash bar"; 2) contracting with your caterer to provide a bartender to serve at an "open bar";  or 3) bringing in alcoholic beverages yourself and allowing your guests to self-serve. We do have a bar and back bar set up available to rent, as well as beverage dispensers and drinkware. 

Disturbances, Unruly Guests & Safety Hazards. Your event is meant to be fun, enjoyed, savored and remembered. Anyone who threatens the atmosphere of your event by becoming disruptive, abusive, belligerent, unduly loud, combative, intoxicated, impaired or physically ill to the point of spoiling the enjoyment of others will be immediately asked to leave, by the Client or Client's liaison/designee for the event, at the sole discretion of Flower Farm proprietors and/or staff. In the event the person(s) asked to leave fail(s) or refuse(s) to leave immediately, the event will be terminated, with Clients, all guests and all vendors asked to leave. If necessary, County Sheriffs may be called for assistance. This scenario is our absolute worst nightmare, so please help us preserve your perfect event and happy memories by pointing out any emergent situations with guests that could benefit from early attention or intervention. 

Smoking, Fireworks, Sparklers, and Open Flame Candles. Portions of our property are surrounded by beautiful trees, so we are mindful of fire risk. Smoking is permitted in a marked, designated, pavement area to reduce risk of fire. Smoking materials must be extinguished before leaving this designated area. Fireworks are not allowed at any time. Sparklers may be allowed on the front lawn, depending on conditions and local Fire Department advisories. For open flame candles, we require fully contained (i.e. votive in a jar, hurricanes), or use of LED types. Unity candles during ceremonies may be an exception, conditions permitting and chosen ceremony location conducive.

Event Staging.  Flower Farm has underground sprinklers, gas lines, electrical utility lines and phone/satellite utility lines so driving vehicles, pounding stakes and other such activities are not permitted by Clients and their vendors without supervision for location guidance. Deliveries and set-ups done by third parties must be coordinated in advance and supervised by Flower Farm proprietors to facilitate marking, prevent damage, and avoid injury. This includes all vehicles leaving paved surfaces on the property. No Clients or their third-party vendors are permitted on the property outside of stated Event Hours without prior notice and coordination with Flower Farm owners.

  We create a custom proposal for every Client based on your individual needs and the parameters of your dream event, which are unique to each Client. Our charges vary from wedding to wedding based on factors that include number of guests, services you’d like us to provide, rentals included, etc. Our services are offered "a la carte" and pick-and-choose, both on-site and off-site. The best value comes from creating a "package":  holding  your event at Flower Farm and bundling several services. Getting a firm estimate starts with a guided sit-down to discuss your dreams and budget. After, we follow up with a custom proposal for your review. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and tailored-to-fit proposal. 

Inclement Weather. We stronglyadvise rental of a tent canopy, and depending on dates, portable heaters and sidewalls, since there is currently no alternative indoor space at Flower Farm. We work with regional vendors and can provide recommendations on appropriate tent dimensions to suit your party size. We are not responsible for weather and refunds are not available based on wind, cold, precipitation or other acts of Mother Nature.

Big dreams.  Flower Farm plans to build a barn in the future so that we can become a year-round venue. The planned build site is a reasonable distance from current event space so as not to be distracting, disruptive or unsafe for current clients and guests.

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