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Cindy planned and threw our 50th wedding anniversary party and I didn't worry about a single thing. The homemade dinner was fantastic, the flowers were so beautiful, and she packed the entire evening full of memorable little surprises, like contacting a bunch of our old friends from a lifetime of moving with the military, and gathering up their funny little stories and memories for a video presentation after the dinner. So much love and laughter! Les and I both treasure the memory of that night.  (Full disclosure:  Cindy is my beautiful daughter, and I've seen her make more magic at family events than I can possibly count.)

Hazel S.

Stevensville, Montana

We had an Alaska destination wedding ceremony, but when we got home to Montana, we still wanted to celebrate with our friends and families. Without much money left for a fancy wedding reception, Cindy suggested an informal "I Do BBQ" at Flower Farm for about 75 guests, and it was perfect. The food was so delicious. People still talk about it! And we had a beautiful pie bar (!), sparklers and a slide show at dark... just a lot of special memories. Our celebration was the opposite of stiff and formal. It couldn't have been more relaxed or fun. And if we ever renew our vows, we're going back to Flower Farm.

Ashley P., bride

Alberton, Montana​

WOW! We were so blessed to find Cindy! My daughter-in-law had lined up the caterer, bar, decor concepts, tent, chairs and layout. But we met with Cindy a few weeks before the wedding “just to see...” And I am so glad we did!

She listened carefully to our ideas and brought up many of her own that we hadn’t thought about. How do the bride and bridesmaids sneak into the house without being seen by the guests? Who will stage, refill and clear items for which the caterer is not responsible?

"Your parking area will be dark when guests leave. Don't worry. We'll bring some lights."

"Three boutiniers to the guys' VRBO house for photos; we'll keep the rest here so they don't forget." 

"We need to balance the load on these circuits so we don't blow any breakers."

"Matron of Honor and Best Man: Please pack an overnight bag for the couple's wedding night and I'll get it on the bus for them."

Suffice it to say, her attention to details was amazing; nothing left to chance. Beware her whiteboard, wedding checklist timelines and vendor spreadsheets!

Cindy also provided little things that mean so much: flowers, notes, baskets full of emergency items like sewing kits, mints, straws, zip-ties, stain-stick, Advil, hot glue, eyedrops...  And encouragement. 

From directing the set-up to tidying the kitchen and insisting we put our feet up afterwards, Cindy took care of us. Her experience in event planning and her confidence in problem-solving made it possible for us to really enjoy the day with our family and friends.

No matter where you are in the process of planning your event, I highly recommend giving her a call.  You will not regret it.

PS. Greg was the calm, hard-working "Mr. Dependable" throughout. And score: we made great new friends of Cindy and Greg!

Joyce S., mother-of-bride

Florence, Montana​

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I'm a bride-to-be from Seattle getting married later this summer at Flower Farm, and I was so stressed out at the thought of planning my Montana wedding from so far away. But after one weekend visit and a lot of legwork by Cindy, my dream wedding already feels totally squared away.

She not only arranged for our ceremony and reception at Flower Farm, but also our rehearsal dinner, lodging for our guests, transportation, etc. She's super organized, and on top of everything, and really conscientious about costs, often steering us in the direction of less expensive but still perfect options, and great vendors within our budget.

Flower Farm itself is GORGEOUS. I can't wait for my wedding photos with that mountain view as our backdrop! She even grows her own flowers on site...  Who does that?!?

At first, Josh and I wondered if we were crazy trying to get married in a place where we have no family, but I can honestly say that Cindy has made it not only easy, but really enjoyable. If you're getting married in Montana, I highly recommend Flower Farm.

Alyssa S., bride-to-be

Seattle, Washington

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It's difficult to even express how amazing a job Cindy did in helping plan and execute my dream Montana wedding. Cindy was organized, professional, and made me feel reassured even during the most stressful times leading up to my wedding.

As an out-of-state bride working and going to school, I depended on my family and Cindy for most of my wedding planning, and Cindy’s expertise helped us create a perfect day. 

Cindy went above and beyond to make sure we felt special and loved. She brought mason jars full of beautiful flowers from her garden for me and my bridesmaids to enjoy at my childhood home, creating a beautiful space for us to get ready.

One of my favorite memories of our wedding reception was realizing when we sat down to eat that Cindy had arranged for us to use my Grandma Bea’s antique silverware at our sweetheart table. She had tucked the most thoughtful note under my plate to let me know that my Grandma was there in spirit. This was only one of many considerate touches that Cindy added to our wedding.

She made things run smoothly so my groom and I could relax and enjoy celebrating with our friends and family. I would highly recommend Cindy and Flower Farm Weddings.

Shelby S., bride

San Antonio, Texas

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