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​​​​Our Story

Greg and Cindy Putnam are a happily-married pair of native Montanans (Greg from Great Falls, and Cindy from Glasgow, but she will deny that if asked) who purchased the Flower Farm property in 2014 to be nearer their adult children, grandchild and Cindy's aging parents. They gutted the house, tore up the yard, and put everything back together better than before. Then Greg built the greenhouse, pretty much earning a lifetime free pass out of any marital jam. 

Earlier in her career, Cindy's job included strategic planning, corporate event planning and responsibility for large business and community events. She now brings her talents for planning and coordination, and her eye for design, to your perfect event. 

If Cindy is the sparkle; Greg is the muscle. If Cindy is the creative, Greg is the Steady Eddie. He can build anything Cindy dreams up. 

Having your event at Flower Farm means you grow to feel like family to us. Breathe in, breathe out. Savor the moment. Chuckle and smile. Hug the ones you love, and feel that happy, emotional lump rise up in your throat.

In this second half of our lives, we are privileged to help our clients create unique, beautiful, affordable events to remember fondly forever.  A little more about us:

Shine bright. Dream big. Love hard.

  • We believe in love that lasts. (Thirty-two years for us, and 'till death do us part.)
  • We're in love with Montana. Born and raised.
  • We're farm fancy.
  • We’re greenhouse gaga.
  • We’re local loyal.
  • We're a little bit cool, a little bit old fashioned.
  • We cherish china. Mismatched, please.
  • We dig the dirt, turn the compost, snip the flowers. 'Cause we're garden geeks.
  • Cowboy boots? Head over heels.
  • Layer it on. "Less is more," you say? Trust us. More is more.
  • We believe in beer. Deeply and unequivocally.
  • We curate collections and create confections.
  • We’re pie passionate. Ice cold milk shot for a chaser? Absolutely.
  • Seconds helpings make us happy.
  • We believe in helping those less fortunate. We deliver left-over food or flower arrangements to local hunger organizations, nursing homes and hospitals, passing pieces of your happiness along to others.
  • We're farm frugal. We believe the perfect, beautiful event should never result in gigantic debt. Your wedding budget matters to us.
  • Our happy tears are never bashful.
  • We bend over backwards for brides. And their mommas.
  • We painstakingly plan.
  • We whip the cream.
  • We polish the silver.
  • We sweat the details.
  • We believe in fun, laughter, and unstuffy celebration.
  • We make memories magical.
  • We go out of our way. To make your day.